body work

Or, as we like to say – Healing Touch

Pain in our body comes from many different sources. Physical trauma or repetitive strain can leave lasting discomfort due to scar tissue and altered movement patterns. Emotional trauma manifests itself as physical pain within the body, too. Explore the connection through…

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Our fascial net is intimately connected to our emotions and memories. Often we disconnect ourselves from sensations in our bodies when we are not ready to face the pain. 

Through Fascial Stretch Therapy we can begin to feel our bodies and connect with the pain that is stuck within.  Many of my clients have returned from a plant medicine experience and have discovered this physical manifestation.  Through the fascia we are able to release the trauma.

A typical session involves some talking to get to know each other, guided breathwork, a Hape ceremony (if called), and then into the stretch therapy. In the booking program the sessions are 90 minutes long, but healing doesn’t work on a convenient 90 minute schedule. Please schedule yourself some extra time regardless of the session clock.

Friday to Monday the Healing Room in High Park Toronto is open for your visit. I can also come to you any day of the week.

As you explore your healing, you may want to include plant medicines to guide you deeper into healing.

Email Steve to book your session.

Thai Yoga Massage

Imagine this ancient form of massage as me doing yoga to you, while you just relax.

Thai Yoga massage evolved alongside the ayurvedic traditions of healing and includes all the elements of your yoga practice: breath, movement and awareness. The difference is that I move your body without any effort of your own. Over the years my practice has evolved to include Fascial Stretch Therapy, energy work and transformational medicines. The goal is to assist you to relax, tune in and release any blocks and tension, physical or emotional. 

You don’t need to have any yoga experience or special equipment to enjoy this massage, simply bring your body. You’ll remain fully clothed and no oils or lotions are needed. 

I can come to you or you can receive in our Healing Room close to High Park. 

Email Nici to book your session.