Healing Weekend Breathwork

Most of our creations are inspired by our community. Last year we started to invite our friends along for weekend cottage adentures featuring all of our favorite healing tools: nature, breath, cold water, community and transformational medicines. 

The Toxic Healers Series – II

This predator comes in two fashions: the conscious predator who knows exactly what they are doing and the unconscious predator, someone who perhaps has always used the healing environment as fertile ground for finding someone to dominate.

The Toxic Healers Series – I

There are some in the healing world who approach it with the idea that it is only for them to achieve. A badge or notch in their belt that they want to claim and show off to other people.

I am not enough

i am not enough I have come to learn that this trend of ‘radical acceptance’ is just more spiritual bypassing nonsense. I have a deep desire to be a better man and all that a man is. To be a better man is to be a better husband, a better lover, a better father, a […]

Wisdom of the White Pine

The white pine then asked me why I hold on to so many branches that are no longer serving me energy.