THE gift

We believe that healing, growth and connection should be accessible to all. So we give our energy freely to all who need it. We ask that you share what you are comfortable with for us to continue our work.

You can make a one time donation via PayPal by clicking the button!

Our Canadian friends can e-Transfer

Nici Czerwinski: [email protected]

or Steve Beattie at [email protected]

The best way you can help us plan for the future is to set up a monthly membership. With your monthly membership you get full access to the Breathing In Nature Members page. This is where all the Stoic Breath recordings are posted each week. We share exclusive content and you get discounts in our store and on events. Most importantly, your support helps us make a difference in peoples’ lives – without the price tag attached.

Thank you for your help and support.

Much love.

What is a gift economy anyway?

The concept for the gift economy evolved during the pandemic. In those troubled times it was important to us to continue working with people who were going through a lot of stress and anxiety. But many were unable to pay for memberships, events, or one-on-one work.


we now offer our energy freely to all who need it. In exchange, you can offer your energy in the way of money, support, services or ideas.

Some points to ponder before you give:

  • How much would this cost in the real world?
    • Public class. Private session.
  • What did I get out of this experience?
    •  Just curious. I need this in my life. Personal Transformation.
  • What do I spend money on without really thinking about it? 
    • Coffee shop everyday. A drink after work. Dinner out. Shopping spree!

Still not sure? Just tell me the damn price!

  • A drop in class ranges from $10 to $50
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy starts at $150 per hour, plus $50 for every additional 30 min
  • A transformational medicine journey includes an info call, prep call, full day of journeying and an integration call at $888
  • One hour private Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage or Massage & Yoga combo is $100
  • Private, guided breath and meditation session is $100 per hour online and $150 in person
  • Wilderness trips are $250 to $350 per day
  • You can also ask us for group yoga classes, ganja yoga, private Wim Hof workshops, retreats and wellness events