The Hero's Journey

This is a remote wilderness setting that will be physically and emotionally challenging. That is the point of a transformational journey. But you’ll be in safe hands; Steve and Nici are experienced guides – may it be the actual wilderness or the wilderness of our own hearts, spirits and minds. The camping is fully supported: medicines, meals and snacks included. You only need your sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothing and personal items. A packing list will be provided. 


Thursday 27 to Sunday 30


Thursday 11 to Sunday 14
$1111 ~ for men


Thursday 8 to Sunday 11

Day 1: The Call to Action

You’ve felt the call to action, the call has been answered and we are venturing out into the boreal forest of the Algonquin Highlands together.

We gather at the Mew Lake trailhead and begin our journey. The first day hike will be an easy 8 km, with our first campsite at aptly named Provoking Lake. On this first day we immerse ourselves back into nature, letting go of all the distractions of the city and our busy lives.

With every step our mind clears and our intentions for this journey form. Hear the myths and legends of the travellers that went before you. As we gather around the campfire that evening, Steve shares the first part of the story of the Half Child.

Camp locations may vary due to availability.

Day 2: The Burden

We all carry our unique burdens. These burdens that have weighed on your mind, body, heart, and spirit will speak loudly to you this day. Accordingly, day two will be a long and difficult hike (14 km), experiencing the weight of our burdens, and in this case the very real weight of our backpacks. 

As exhaustion and fatigue take over towards the end of the track, perhaps memories, body pain, and unpleasant thoughts and feelings make themselves known. We support each other along the way and build the courage to heal. 

We make camp at Harness Lake, a beautiful large campsite where we can be with the insights of the day, enjoy a delicious meal and rest up.  Around our evening campfire, Steve continues the story of the Half Child.

Day 3: The Unburdening

On this shorter third day (8 km) we move with the guidance medicine. This is a chance to dive deeper into what has come up during our burden hike, but this time without fears, judgments or hesitation. We transmute with the energy of the wild during this (mostly) silent hike. We might share difficult feelings and struggles and find opportunities to unburden.

Unburdening simply means releasing the trapped energies around our struggles, memories, relationships, traumas, pains, doubts, fears and emotions. The unburdening ceremony can look different every time and for each of us. Nici likes to unburden with the help of the cold water. Steve likes to use energies and light and darkness imagery to free his burdens. Other common ways are fire, the breath, using the rich soil of the earth, purging, speaking our truth or any other way that comes to you. There is no right or wrong. We keep an open mind and support each other in our creativity and individual needs in the moment.

We end this day with a sacred fire ceremony and the transformational story of the Three Dreams.

Day 4: The Return

We start our last morning together with sunrise breathwork and a closing ceremony.

We take on the short hike out and return to civilization. What comes after is up to you. As we return to civilization we can easily bury all of the insights and experiences made on this journey and immerse ourselves once again in the endless distractions provided. Or, we can continue on the never ending path of mindfulness, self-discovery and doing the work…the choice is yours.

One week after our journey we offer a group integration call to share how our path continues to unfold.