THE healing

Sometimes we sit still and let the moss grow on our feet. We feel the stories of our ancestors flow through us. We bang our drums and our stories are loosened. It is in this space of ceremony and connection that we heal.


Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd


Friday 11th to Sunday 13th


Friday 17th to Sunday 19th

Day 1: The Gathering

We gather at Red Bird on Friday afternoon. Introductions and small talk soon gives way to the ‘why’. What brought me here? We have an opening ceremony around the fire to invite in our guides and reconnect with our internal energies. We cook over the fire and hear the ancient stories and myths of our ancestors. These ancient stories begin to move something within us. Our own story wants to be heard. An energy within us needs to be witnessed.

Day 2: The Ceremony

This healing weekend is about the Sacred Ceremony with transformational medicine. Our hearts will be open, connected to each other, and connected to all life. The intense love and compassion of the day will allow you to turn this healing energy inwards. The great block of FEAR will release and you will hear your truth. Being witnessed by your brothers in community is the true medicine.

Day 3: The Departure

We gather around the fire once again. Renewed in our strength as men. We have honed our skills to connect with our sacred masculine energy. This is the beginning of your journey.

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