In this one hour class guided by Steve live on Zoom you will use your breath to achieve a deep state of meditation and wellbeing. Breathing to the beats of the music, you unlock the power within you to reduce stress and inflammation, boost creativity, release trapped emotions, gain clarity and return to your true Self. 


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This streaming online class is best experienced with headphones on. People new to breathwork are encouraged to lie down while they breathe.

Why is it called The Wild Breath? It used to be called The Stoic Breath, but there are a lot of misconceptions about Stoicism and I got tired of explaining it. The Wild Breath is much more in line with everything we do at Breathing In Nature. As we release into the energetic space that breathwork carries us to we discover something wild and primal. I call it the Wild Twin. This wildness is supported in all the mythopoetic work we do in our journeys and 1:1 coaching.


So let’s breathe and get back to being wild.

I advise against practicing this style of breathwork if you are dealing with any of the following:

•    Epilepsy
•    High blood pressure (in case of prescription medication)
•    Coronary heart disease (e.g. Angina Pectoris; Stable Angina)
•    A history of serious health issues like heart failure or stroke

If you are pregnant, I advise against practicing the full Wild Breath. There are increased adrenaline levels associated with breath holds that may adversely affect the health of the baby. You can of course follow along to the meditation and be fully aware of your breath and body.