We see deep healing as bravely diving into ourselves, past the defenses of consciousness, past the countless layers of conditioning and automated reactions. When we work with our plant allies and psychedelic medicines we get to entertain new perspectives, experience deep insights, emotional breakthroughs and even a complete reprogramming. 

Our wounds and difficult traumas can be processed and reframed. We can connect with compassion, love and feel a sense of unity with all life. We can let go of scary and challenging memories and emotions that are stuck in our psyche and in our bodies, allowing us to unburden from grief, fear and anger. We can meet parts of us that have been cast aside and are now sabotaging our lives, calling out from the shadow. We do this so we can fully step into ourselves, be who we truly want to be, and to pursue our best lives populated with loving relationships. 

You have likely seen the multitude of documentaries about plant medicines and their healing potential. But now what? Clinical-style, one hour sessions of healing are not what you will find here. That’s not how we heal. It’s a process that takes time, energy and a conscious approach from all involved. 

For our sessions you choose the setting. Most people want to journey in the comfort of their own home or in our healing room. We go in with a mindset of exploration, curiosity and compassion. We will guide you on your journey and keep you safe. Wherever you need to go, wherever you want to go, Nici and Steve will be there with you. Our unique combination of breathwork, meditation, talk and body/energy work will help facilitate your journey inwards. 


So why do we use psychedelics for healing?

1. Radical shift in perspective 

It’s all about perspective! We are mostly stuck in our ways of seeing and thinking. It takes a transformational experience to really shake us up, that’s where the medicines come in. In our journeys, our brain lights up and connects in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. We literally reboot our prefrontal cortex. 

2. Out of your mind

Most of us are stuck in our heads, thinking and overthinking. With psychedelics we can discover, access, and connect with all parts of our being. Letting go of the need to control, think and analyze, the brain takes a backseat to heart, body and spirit. As our defences and blocks melt away, we gain direct access to our unconscious, to our shadow. 

3. Into heart and body 

With our thinky brain on pause, we naturally access trapped and unprocessed parts of ourselves that hold stories, emotions and physical sensations. We can release trauma stored in the body through shakes and tremors. We can feel what needs to be felt, shout in anger, laugh hysterically or cry with grief. We can work with energy and create powerful psychedelic imagery and storylines that don’t need to make sense. 

4. It's experiences that change us

Talking about our problems only gets us so far. With psychedelics we go on a heroic adventure without necessarily ever moving a muscle. We experience a multi-sensory journey within. Sometimes we need an awakening experience to rattle us and shake us free from our mundane existence.

5. Feeling deeply connected

Most of us are completely disconnected from our spirit. In the psychedelic realm, we can find meaning, purpose, universal love and feel the connection to others, nature, all living things, the universe and a greater force. It gets pretty weird!

Your journey includes:

  • an info call
  • a check-in call a few days before your journey
  • the day of the journey (about 5-6 hrs)
  • an integration call the week after
  • we are available throughout and will support you as questions/concerns come up


The cost of this experience is $888. We are flexible with paymemt plans.