Youth Event – ages 14 – 18

Thursday March 21,  1pm-5pm

Anxiety is the natural response to being overstimulated.

Depression in the natural response to being sedentary or exhausted. You can change the distress to eustress. Both are stress, one breaks you down, the other builds you up. It’s your choice.

Your mind and body are doing exactly what they are supposed to.
It’s time to change it up.

In this 4 hour workshop you will learn how to recognize the physical sensations of stress and how it effects your mind. This combination of mind and body stress has a profound effect on your mental and physical performance. You probably felt it sitting in a classroom, before a sporting event, or even out with friends.

Stress in the body
Stress in the mind
Stress in the body

It's a vicious cycle and
You are in control.

In this group workshop you will be stretching, breathing, and meditating in the ski chalet. Then we will hike up Holimont to the hill top lake and plunge in the icy water. This ice plunge experience will require you to tap into all the skills you learned in the chalet.



  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Warm boots
  • Hat and gloves
  • Weather appropriate clothes*
  • Comfortable clothes for indoor movement
  • Water bottle
  • Snack
  • Note pad / pen
  • Phone (Yes, you read that right)

This is not a race, or a sporting event. You will be physically active, but being able to observe your physical and mental responses to your environment wins the day.


Learn how to breathe properly and take control of your breath to change your state – from stressed to relaxed.

Learn about the role of CO2 in controlling your stress response.

Reactivate your sympathetic nervous system to access greater focus and energy.


You are not your thoughts and not all thoughts are true. Believing everything your thoughts are telling you can be very destructive. Learn to observe sensations in your body, emotions and thoughts as they come and go.


Less than 25% of kids meet the national physical activity guidelines. It doesn’t have to be ‘organized,’ it just has to be movement. You will feel your body respond with strength and feel good chemicals after only 30 minutes of movement.

Cold Exposure

Anxiety takes you by surprise. Your breath is out of control, your body tightens, your mind is racing with negative thoughts. The ice teaches you how to be with these feelings, not taken over and carried away by them. Learning to take control of your breath while in acute stress is key to your mental health.

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